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New Research Reveals ProsperEO™ Improves Gain & Efficiency of Turkeys in Both the Feed and Water

Actualizado: 20 jun 2021

A compilation of recent research trials demonstrates that ProsperEO™ improves growth rate and feed efficiency throughout the life of turkeys in both feed and water applications. ProsperEO is an everyday antibiotic-free health additive containing patented essential oils and prebiotics.

“Whether liquid or dry, ProsperEO consistently performs in a wide range of production systems and applications,” said Dr. Tim Broderick, Poultry Research & Development Manager for Ralco. “The studies show that producers can use ProsperEO as a coccidiostat replacement, after a traditional coccidiostat program or even at late finishing and achieve additional pounds at the plant.”

The three trials conducted resulted in additional body weight gain of over 1-2 lbs. per bird. With a ROI ranging from 3:1-9:1 on the flock for the producer using ProsperEO.

“The purpose of these studies was to show that ProsperEO can complement any producer’s health management plan with versatility and ease, as well as demonstrate the efficacy in formulation approach and value ProsperEO can bring to any stage of life,” said Dr. Broderick.”

Research Details

Three experiments were conducted in commercial turkey research facilities and farms. These trials examined the application of dry and liquid ProsperEO with hybrid converter toms. The three research studies tested the effect of ProsperEO on growth performance of turkeys applied within two in-feed coccidiosis control programs and through the water in grow-out barns.

Experiment one tested ProsperEO as a coccidiostat replacement. The study was conducted at a commercial research facility with two identical brooder barns and two identical finisher barns. The control group was fed a traditional coccidiostat program from week 1-9. The treated group received a coccidiostat for the first three weeks and then continuous administration of ProsperEO throughout the remainder of grow-out.

Experiment two assessed ProsperEO after a traditional 9 week Avatec® coccidiostat program. This study was conducted at a commercial research facility where two flocks were raised congruently using identical brooder and finisher barns. A traditional coccidiostat program was fed to both groups’ during the brood phase. When toms were moved to the finisher barns, ProsperEO was included at 0.6 lbs. from week 9-14 and 0.5 lbs./ton from week 14 to market.

Experiment three examined ProsperEO in the water. The trial was conducted in a split brooder barn on a commercial turkey farm. Both sides of the house were on the same feed program and the same water source. At 9 weeks of age, both sides of the brooder barn were moved to identical grow out houses. Both houses were given the same blended feed program. One house served as the control house and the other house was administered ProsperEO Liquid.

The results of these studies relative to their controls are laid out in Table 1. Weight gain was improved by 1.01-1.64 lbs. per bird between the 3 trials. A consistent improvement in adjusted feed conversion was observed in these field trials, with improvements ranging from 6 to 19 points. Trial 1 and 3 saw reductions in mortality of 2.14% and 3.99% respectively, however mortality was increased by 0.02% in trial 2. Improvements in weight gain and reduction in mortality resulted in an increase in pounds received at processing across all trials and a positive return on investment for producers.

Table 1: Summary of ProsperEO Turkey Research Compared to Control Treatment

“The consistency in results for these trials validate our ProsperEO formulation approach,” said Dr. Broderick. “By optimizing our blend of essential oils and prebiotics we can achieve consistent improvements in performance in both liquid and dry applications. This provides value to producers with versatility and return on their investments with enhanced bird health and gain.”

Product Information

ProsperEO is NEXUS™ formulated with a patented combination of phytonutrients including essential oils and prebiotics that are specifically chosen for their antimicrobial, nutrient conversion, antioxidant, immune regulation, and competitive exclusion properties to help develop and strengthen the gut wall to improve nutrient absorption so birds are better able to maintain everyday health and focus more energy on growth.

Over 20 years ago, Ralco pioneered the mainstream use of phytonutrients for animal health and nutrition. “With expertise in phytonutrients and the NEXUS formulation approach, we were able to match up the precise properties needed to improve immunity, health and the tissues in the gut itself leading to consistent and enhanced nutrient absorption,” said Dr. Broderick.

Villi are finger like projections responsible for nutrient absorption and feed conversion in the small intestine. In previous research studies, the phytonutrients in ProsperEO increased the length and surface area of villi in the gut leading to greater nutrient absorption. A similar response was observed in this commercial study where ProsperEO turkeys had greater gain from an enhanced ability to absorb nutrients from feed.

“Ultimately, the small changes we made in the gut with ProsperEO resulted in big changes in total weight of birds received at processing and profits for the producer,” concluded Dr. Broderick.

ProsperEO is also available for organic poultry production as an extension to Ralco’s growing line of OMRI Listed® products.

About RALCO Ralco is a third-generation family-owned multinational company with distribution in more than 40 countries. Ralco is a leading global provider of natural solutions to maximize nutrient conversion in plants and animals. Learn more at

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